ZF-15P Series (8800MAH)

This product not only can be used as DC UPS to supply uninterruptible power to net work equipment like modem, router, CCTV etc., but also can be used as portable power to charge smart phones and other digital devices, which guarantees your devices to operate continuously.

Input voltage: 100-240Vac
Output voltage: 5V/9V&15V/24V(POE)
Output power: 15W
Battery type: Lithium battery

Product Overview

High capacity

High capacity lithium batteries,provide long backup to the loads.

High compatibility

High compatibility,suitable for most digital products in the market.


Intelligent circuit design with over-charging,over-discharging and short circuit protctions.

USB output

When charging the phone, MP4, digital camera and other digital products, the output current is 5V/ 2A.

Low power standby function

when the ON/ OFF switch is OFF, the product enters low power consumption status.

Indication function

Charge and discharge indication function. Monitor system charge and discharge status at any time.

ZF-15P Series Mini DC UPS (8800MAH)

Product Application

ZF-15P Series Mini DC UPS (8800MAH)


Product Detail