Line Interactive UPS

Line-interactive UPS
RTL Series (1-5KVA)

The RTL series Line-Interactive Sine Wave UPS provides battery backup and AC power protection against blackouts, brownouts, power surges and line noise that can damage electronics or destroy data. Ideal for backing up servers and network storage devices, the RTL series switches to battery mode in milliseconds to keep your connected equipment running long enough to save files and shut down safely with no data loss.

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Double CPU controlled
  • G-Sensor autorotation LCD display
  • Extensible battery pack
  • Powerful charging function(Self settable)

Product Overview

Protects Equipment

Provides fully regulated sine wave AC output for servers, network storage devices and telecom hardware.

Interactive LCD Screen

Front-panel LCD signals operating mode, load level, voltage, battery charge and estimated runtimes.

Line Noise Filtering

Removes electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that can disrupt or damage equipment’s performance.

Alarm System

Audible alarm signals loss of utility power, overload, low battery and fault conditions.

Automatic Voltage Regulation

Maintains 220V nominal output over input range of 145V–275V without using battery power.

Network Monitoring Port

Supports detailed monitoring of RS232 and site power conditions.

RTL Series Line-interactive UPS (1-5KVA)

LCD display

RTL Series Line-interactive UPS (1-5KVA)

Structure diagram

Product Detail