Low Frequency Online UPS

Low Frequency Online UPS
GP33 Series (20-200KVA)

Tripp GP33 series SmartOnline Modular 3-Phase Intelligent, True On-Line UPS System provides 100% system availability with N+1 modular architecture and 1+1 parallel capability. Perfectly regulated, continuous sine wave output with zero transfer time assures compatibility with all equipment types. The GP33 series provides mission-critical equipment with the highest level of power protection available.

  • True online double conversion technology
  • 100% micro-controlled by DSP
  • N+1, parallel and redundant
  • High efficiency >92%
  • Dual input available (optional)
  • 100% unbalanced load allowed
  • Cold start
  • Smart battery control
  • Generator input compatible

Product Overview

High Availability UPS

High input power factor, advanced IGBT inverter technology and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology produce low input total harmonic distortion (THDi).

IGBT technology

True on-line, double-conversion UPS with IGBT technology provides pure sine wave AC output at all times, Removes harmonic distortion, electrical impulses, frequency variations and other hard-to-solve power problems.

Front Panel LED

Displays a wide range of UPS operational and fault/warning conditions including operational mode, alarm/shutdown conditions, input/output voltage/frequency, battery voltage, load percentage and more.

GP33 Series Low Frequency Online UPS (20-200KVA)

LCD display

GP33 Series Low Frequency Online UPS (20-200KVA)

Structure diagram

Product Detail