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SolarBaba is a leading supplier of UPS Power Products. Using over for years experience, we offer a range of practical, well designed UPS Power and Battery.Our goal is to provide premium products with the best cost effective solutions for power quality and data center needs.

As a leading provider of UPS Power system services, SolarBaba provides a wide range of expertise, from desktop support systems to large data center UPS equipment. Our main focus is to offer affordable maintenance services on all of your critical power equipment. SolarBaba additionally provides customized service plans to fit any current budgetary restraints, as well as provide you with a customized new equipment solution for any application you require.

SolarBaba has established a powerful marketing and service network. With the HQ in China and subsidiary in Dubai we support customers and partners in more than 80 countries worldwide.

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SolarBaba has the professional-grade power protection for your application and equipment.

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