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Power protection for those who need zero downtime.
Mini DC UPS is a DC uninterruptible power supply, which stay power for all kinds of 5~24VDC equipment during power outages.
Line Interactive UPS
The best uninterruptible power supply system for small businesses and internet servers is a line interactive UPS system.
Offline UPS
Ideal for desktop computers, highly reliable, elegantly designed and affordably priced.
High Frequency Online UPS
Provide perfect Sine wave output which can offer complete protection for critical load of small and medium business.
Low Frequency Online UPS
low frequency online UPS is transformer based, which address the customers' needs for high reliability, stability, stability and quality.

Our offer for single-phase and three-phase UPS.

Protection against all power failures, voltage regulation, power factor correction and harmonics.


MUSTENERGY is a leading provider of quality backup power UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply. MUSTENERGY UPSs are designed to deliver high quality backup power from desktop PCs to large data centers.

MUSTENERGY has the bases covered when it comes to power protection of sensitive loads. Covering applications from computer rooms through to large data centers and complete industrial plant protection, MUSTENERGY has the UPS or voltage conditioning technology for every need. From a few kW to applications of many hundreds KW and a wide range of supply voltages.

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